Security and Control

Get more control over documents, keep your data secure, and manage information sharing within your organisation, using MaxFiles’ enterprise-grade security architecture.

Security and Privacy, the Way You Want it

MaxFiles stores your data (documents, images, and everything in between) using industry-leading security features. No accidental data leaks, data breach, or sensitive data ending up in the wrong hands. Both for regulatory purposes and to protect your business data, you have a safe database with MaxFiles. 

We’re deliberate about making your document digitisation and document management experience hassle-free, with near-zero security and privacy risks

Stave Off Human Error

23% of global data breaches and costly accidental leaks are caused by human error in access management. Using MaxFiles security and access control features, there’s a lot less humans have to do, giving a lot less room for such incidents as security breaches. Control your company’s data from a single point, and provide access to only the appropriate stakeholders.

MaxFiles also makes collaboration seamless between distributed and remote teams. With people working from different places, and documents decentralised throughout the organisation, MaxFiles makes  it easy to bring everything together and control information access from a single box.

Data Sharing On a Need Basis

By having complete control of access to documents and sensitive business data, it becomes easy to determine who can access information at different stages of a process, or project implementation. 

MaxFiles attach access to roles within an organisation – customers, managers, supervisors, etc.  This means access permissions automatically change when people’s role means they won’t need it anymore.

Policy, Error Logs, References - in One Place

Whether you’re distributing internal memos, communicating procedures to supervisors, or driving policy enforcement, MaxFiles lets your organisation manage the information flow easily. Built with tracking capabilities that indicates who has viewed what and who hasn’t. 

The document database also makes audit trails accessible, making it easy to manage conversations and referencing with customers and regulators.  Everything in just a few cicks.

Digital Workflows in a Controlled Environment

Documents go through several approvals, and organisations have several of these processes happening every day. How do you do that seamlessly, while limiting data exposure? MaxFiles’ Workflow lets you push documents through an approval tree, to get reviews and signatures.

Are you ready to improve document management, automate processes and grow your business?

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