Business Process Automation for Management, HR, Customer Service, and more

Improve operational efficiency in every department with business process automation on MaxFiles.

Explore how business process automation with MaxFiles can improve efficiency and standardise practices within your organisation.

If a process happens often, it doesn’t have to be a fresh start everyday – not with the Business Process Automation on MaxFiles. Put repeatable and complex methods on automation, allowing pre-defined tasks to happen without human involvement time and again. That not only brings speed of execution, but also ensures policy compliance.

You have corporate processes and standard operation procedures that dictate day-to-day activities. MaxFiles’ business process automation setup a workflow that automates routine tasks. With the flow defined, the minimal human touch means less error-prone activities, and more time for your team to focus on more important assignments.

Built with cutting-edge intelligence technology, MaxFiles simply automates document workflows and other business processes. It’s Africa’s leading tech solution for companies in data management and company-wide consistency in process implementation.

Managing Approvals

MaxFiles lets you automate the work of line managers, especially with reviewing documents or any other material. By allowing seamless transfer of documents between decision makers and across departments, the process of approval and signature appendage happens when they should, without stakeholders falling out of loop.

Recruiting, Other HR Processes

Hiring takes hours and hours of human resource activities. With MaxFiles, you can set up workflows that sort thousands of resumes, searching for essential keywords, and narrowing down to the most qualified candidates. Same goes for contracting and onboarding, enabling a single source for implementing compliance and regulatory-critical tasks.

Delighting Customers

Customer concerns come from familiar themes, but without a structured, automated process, every activity for customer relation is a whole new situation. Using business process automation on MaxFiles, you can create an information flow that solves 90%+ of complaints before they get to customer service agents, for more critical issues. Think of payment issues or troubleshooting a bug problem.

Audit and Other Financials

MaxFiles’ industry-leading document management solution (DMS), and its business process automation solutions, means doing financial audits, reconciling accounts, preparing financial statements, and sending out standard invoices could happen with more speed and efficiency.

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