Digital Client Experience

10X customer satisfaction and retention rate through a more efficient client engagement process.

Improve Collaboration with Clients

MaxFiles helps businesses achieve seamless digital collaboration with clients, by providing a platform for functional complaint resolution, customisable to your clients’ needs. 

Using our Digital Client Experience solutions on MaxFiles, you’re able to engage with clients on any issue without physical limitation playing any negative role. Just when they need you, MaxFiles makes it possible to be available to them at that very time. Save your team, and your clients’ valuable work hours by moving their engagement entirely online.

Bring Clients on Your Digital Transformation Journey

Our idea of digital client experience is to integrate clients into your digital workspace, which MaxFiles can efficiently be. By enabling them to have direct access to resources – both human and documents, you’re simply changing the game, and making retention inevitable.

MaxFiles is easily deployable, with zero friction in setting up. Just as you can, clients can install and activate almost immediately, making it easy to launch and get started as soon as you need them to.

Customisable also means you can have different experiences designed for clients, depending on the services or products you sell to them. Split into categories, you can solve everyone’s issues the exact way they want it to be done.

Personalise Client Experience with MaxFiles

MaxFiles helps you provide personalised experiences to customers, and gives the tools to do that without excessively manual work. It will be much easier to connect with clients now, because their tickets are routed through the same environment where the solution lies.

It’s also possible to automate a fraction of this, usually the routine and compliance tasks. MaxFiles has the capabilities to customise resource provisioning, such that clients can trigger helpful documentations that speak to their challenges – in cases where talking to your customer success managers is avoidable for clients.

Secure Storage Cloud, and Efficient Tool

Using enterprise-grade security, MaxFiles lets you manage customers in a completely controlled environment, and keep information within this space as well.

Excellent user experience means there’s very limited work your team has to do onboarding clients on MaxFiles. They can register, submit tickets, or view resources.
No sync and share, no duplicates, wherever your data is stored – everything shared real-time in a digital workspace, with a single version of a document for you and your clients.

Are you ready to improve document management, automate processes and grow your business?

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