We provide document management and business process automation

DataMax Files Limited is a Document Management and Archival Services Company established in 2015

Our Story

MaxFiles is a document management system that helps businesses automate processes and manage documents in an easy and efficient way. Now, you can simplify the process of tracking, storing and retrieving physical documents. Comprehensive, yet simple solution to the challenges involved in managing documents during business operations. 

MaxFiles is owned by DataMax Files Limited, a Document Management and Archival Services Company founded in Lagos in 2015. DataMax has managed and supervised the processing of millions of documents since inception, for various clients.

We’re Nigeria’s leading document digitisation company. Our team has processed over 20,000,000 documents so far, and it’s still counting. Plus bringing the capabilities to link physical and digital records, MaxFiles provides both online and offline access to electronic copies of work files. Now matter how large it is, MaxFiles coms with functionalities that automatically creates a backup, in case of data loss., allows quick document retrieval

Workflow automation is intricately embedded in MaxFiles, which reduces manual processes, and brings movement of physical files/ documents close to zero. Our team also manages end-to-end physical archiving, including document indexing, seamless retrieval, and secured destruction.

The Values We Live By

Improving Operational Efficiency

Not many things could clog business efficiency as much as long processes and scattered documents. MaxFiles puts your documents in a single box, plus a seamless indexing structure that puts everything just a search away.

How Much More Can Your Organisation Save?

We know our clients’ businesses thrive on how much more they can reduce their overhead expenses. That’s why this question lives in our minds all day, driving us to keep making MaxFiles your cost-saving companion for document management.

Delighting Our Clients

MaxFiles takes complete care of how your organisation uses and manages documents - from document storage, collaboration within your organization, and access control to customisation solutions for digital client experience. We work to stay that much delightsome.

Meet the Team

kolapo omidire

Dr Kolapo Omidire


Misan Kofi-Senaya

Group Managing Director

Idris Akindele

Head of Operations

Dami Odusola

Head of Technology

Join us to create exciting solutions that make document management even more magical for organisations.

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