Physical Archiving

Save valuable hours and space archiving your documents by outsourcing the process to the MaxFiles team.

Papers can only be stored for so long, before they give into moisture, mildew, mould, or improper handling. That could be extremely costly if these are important or sensitive business data. Our physical document archiving service brings a well thought-out methodology to implement an efficient archiving process.

Turnkey Archiving Service

Our document management solution is end-to-end, including a highly effective approach to archive management. We find the balance between efficiency and security, ensuring your data goes through archiving, without any kind of exposure to unauthorised parties.

Document archiving doesn’t translate to physical information disappearing. Our team has experience preserving records in a professional way, deploying the right expertise in archival, organisational, logistics, and the place of IT.  This ensures complete traceability of archived records, for any future need. 

From Collection to Destruction - End-to-End Physical Archiving

Starting with digitisation and storing on MaxFiles document management system, we manage the complete life cycle of your records, including the destruction of used information.

  • Document Collection

Our team manages the handling and collection of your files and documents for archival. Sorting and classifying into defined categories, we take inventory of information ready for archiving. 

Processing these, with the option of integrating the documents into MaxFiles document management system,, you retain a direct access to your archive

  • Archived, but Still Secure

We’re moving the documents from metal racks to our dedicated physical archival management system at MaxFiles, and even as an archive, we activate the same level of security your everyday document gets. 

There are also precautions against intrusion, fire or sanitation works like  fumigation. Get access to a document warehouse with storage containers strategically located, and security architecture in excellent shape.

Plus giving authorised persons in your organisation access to the storage house, our document collection respects your confidentiality and anonymity. 

  • Search Archived Records Online

By archiving your documents with MaxFiles, you get access to a dedicated dashboard to view and manage your archive records, with different access levels for your employees, as you want.

Want some documents from your archive? You only need to request on MaxFiles, and get the delivery as soon as you need it. 

  • Records Destruction

Whether you’re destroying the records for recycling or outright elimination by shredding, we manage the  destruction of documents with expired legal value. Our team does this to perfection, with almost no margin of error, and absolute privacy.

Are you ready to improve document management, automate processes and grow your business?

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