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Software for document management, workflow management, process automation, content management, information management.

Document Management Simplified

Maxfiles is an all-in-one document management and process automation system that makes workflow management, document management, digital archiving and retrieval of documents and information easier than ever.

Customisable workflow engine

Managing business processes can happen without needless complexities. Unnecessary delays in essential business processes could get costly, with a spiralling impact on operational efficiency. 

Many document-centric processes happen repeatedly. Workflow engine on MaxFiles  lets you manage activities at scale, including human resources, customer relations, and approval management. MaxFiles enables implementation of these standard processes following an established cadence. At every point of getting the job done, the right document is there to help your team work more efficiently.  

Information flying around amid manual processing increases the chances of data entry errors. That diminishes the integrity of your data. MaxFiles creates single process implementation channels, ensuring you have a central information source to work with time and again. With every department plugging into the workflow engine, you can reliably stave off poor flow of information.

Access important information and documents anywhere.

Companies spend appalling time searching and retrieving documents. MaxFiles makes that avoidable from the point of data capture. Using intuitive document indexing system, MaxFiles has easily identifiable tags and terms that make your search easy.

You can use MaxFiles’ advanced filter options –  file names, file types (video, image or audience) keywords, reference numbers, or any other unique identifiers, to find files as quickly as you need them. 

MaxFiles brings limitless digitisation to how you keep and make documents more accessible. Plus saving you money in costly human resource hours spent on searching for and sorting files, MaxFiles also lets you capture and store content, with intelligent tagging that helps you sort easily.

Anything you need, at your fingertips. With efficiency file storage also comes accessibility, and with this, MaxFiles eliminates content silos throughout the organisation.

Keep your data secure and enforce policies throughout the organisation.

MaxFiles gives you complete control over who can access information at different stages of a process. With an intelligent synchronisation with your organogram and reporting lines, people within your organisation get the information appropriate to them at any given time. 

In single clicks, you can also share access with team members, and retract as you want to. MaxFiles’ access dashboard ensures visibility on process flows and access distribution across the team. Enjoy enterprise-grade security that prevents data loss, encrypt data when at risk of exposure, and replicate data for backup.

Are you ready to improve document management, automate processes and grow your business?

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