Document Digitalisation

Improving the security, accessibility and cost-effectiveness of your document management with MaxFiles’ document digitisation service

Change how you manage documents and information in four simple steps:

  • Scanning the Papers

Starting with scanning and data capture, using digital scanners, we convert those paper documents into digital formats. We provide a dedicated team to manage the process, and ensure your information is accurately captured  – and ready for upload.

  • Uploading & Indexing

Our work with document digitisation doesn’t end with capturing the information using high-tech scanners. Using MaxFiles’ document management features, we or your team can upload all the scanned materials at a go, accessible on the cloud from any device.

This leads to indexing, which means tagging or naming the documents. Since MaxFiles’ document management system allows document search, this is required for seamless classification and searching, including full-text search. 

  • Single Place to Manage & Distribute Files

Once uploaded, the data management feature on MaxFiles lets you control and organise documents throughout the organisation. In a single view, you can track, store and control access to documents, based on existing structure and policies and provide necessary training to key users.

Paper as the main storage tool for information is becoming more obsolete by the day, and impossible to maintain at scale. Our Document Digitisation service covers the conversion of information  into a digital format. 

Businesses are now scanning documents as a way to cut costs, increase productivity and improve access to their information across the organisation. If you haven’t considered document digitisation, now is the time to convert those file cabinets into folders you can view on digital devices or the internet.

Turn File Cabinets to Online Document Library

Using scanners, we capture documents, drawings, or any other element holding your corporate information, and convert those into digital formats, such as PDF, images or videos.

MaxFiles’ document management capabilities store captured documents securely, preventing loss of critical records, and giving your organisation a central source for critical information.  By also providing a backup for files, you won’t need to worry about irreversible data loss. Chances of documents getting misplaced or their data erased practically becomes zero.

End-to-End Document Digitization

Our team manages the entire process of moving your information online. Saving you expensive human resource hours, equipment purchase costs (scanner and imaging software), and the time you’d spend planning for and implementing this. 

Having completed document digitisation for 100+ companies in Nigeria alone, we have the structure in place to take these costs and responsibilities off you. From preparing for this, to the capture, and organising, our team works to have your documents accurately scanned, and properly stored. Focus on your business, while we help launch this journey to digital transformation.

Are you ready to improve document management, automate processes and grow your business?

Schedule a demo with us and let us discuss how MaxFiles and our document management solutions can help you use your time and resources to focus on achieving organisational goals.