An all-in-one process automation system that makes workflow management, document management, digital archiving and retrieval of documents and information easier than ever.

Workflow Automation

We offer extensive and business-tailored workflow automation to streamline your business processes. With workflow automation, you can be sure of efficient and effective business processes within your organisation. Our workflow automation offers access from within and outside the office building, email notifications/reminders, process history, audit trails and security.

Document Management System

We give you a single point of access where all information about customers can be organized, safely stored, and accessed. Everything you need to deliver a memorable experience is just a click away. With our MaxFiles EDMS cloud-based software, you have the ability to work from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day without worrying about physical IT infrastructures, you will spend less time searching for documents and leverage on organizational history for making decisions and performing tasks.

Document Digitalisation

Every year, millions of naira are spent managing paper documents: printing, storing, finding and recovering files which is a resource drain no one wants. Digitization not only secures your information for hitch-free access and compliance but significantly reduces your environmental footprint.

With our MaxFiles Electronic Document Management Software, we can help you to digitize your old paper records using our high-end productive scanners that does between (80-400) pages per minute, enable your team work from any remote location, eliminate need to generate paper documents, automate your manual office processes and enhance productivity.

Digital Client Experience

We help your company manage documents, automate key business processes, and meet regulations, without the need for stressful data migrations. With MaxFiles EDMS cloud-based software, processes — like benefit application process for pension, account opening process, claims processing, payment approvals, contract review & approval, credit approvals, Appraisal process (Balance score card), court case reminders etc can be made digital and customised to suite your specific needs. Errors and wait times are reduced, and you can reassign resources to scale the business.

Security and Control

Now that people work from everywhere and documents are all over the place, keeping sensitive information secure and asking staff to follow the correct procedures feels like an impossible task. It is not. You are given full control over who can access information at different stages of a process. Access will also automatically change when people leave or move into a new role.

Physical Archiving

Why share your beautiful office space with paper?

We store all your records in our secured archival location built specifically to that purpose. We encourage our clients for focus on the growth of their businesses, while we take care of their record storage needs. Our archive facility has been built to highest standards in security, firefighting equipment, temperature control equipment and suitable storage space for your documents.

DataMax offers the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality ensuring that only authorised personnel gain access to your documents.

Are you ready to improve document management, automate processes and grow your business?

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