Document Management System

Improve how you manage information and data accessibility with MaxFiles’ fully customisable document management system.

Switch the file cabinet to a centralised digital database of documents essential to your business operations. MaxFiles infuses digitisation into document storage within organisations – turning paper documents into digital formats. From the point of data capture, MaxFiles provides the infrastructure required to store information in various digital forms, and make it accessible at any scale. 

Capture physical documents and information, and warehouse them on MaxFiles, as PDF, Word Documents, or Images formats. MaxFiles also comes with functionalities that allow companies to easily share these data, find records, and define accessibility levels.

Scale Easily with MaxFiles

So long as you’re a team of two, paper-based operations may work fine. Just as you begin to get bigger, or if your enterprise is already a large one, using a document management system becomes a need.

Starting with the resource-intensive business processes that get companies drown, paper-based operations eat into the efficiency of companies. With MaxFiles, you get to transform your document maintenance into a completely digital operation. Customise the functionalities to your preferences, and the unique operations of your organisation.

Here’s how more MaxFiles help:
  • Seamless Document Capture,  enabling you to make and store digital copies of paper-based documents, various formats you choose. 
  • Everything in One Place, warehousing content such as documents, emails, customer details, order numbers, and project information in a single digital platform.
  • Indexing for Easy Search, involving document tagging and advanced search filters that allow easy search for documents, without wasting any time – whether that’s images, audio, or video files.
  • Document Conversion, when you want paper-based documents in an editable Word Document. MaxFiles is developed with artificial intelligence for character recognition.
  • Enterprise-Grade Security, restricting access to your documents to only those you’ve given different levels of access. 
  • Data Flow Charts, a dashboard giving you a clear picture of the flow of information among team members, including the changes made to documents. 
  • Borderless Collaboration, allowing you and your team to access information from wherever they are.
  • No Surprise Losses, using MaxFiles, you don’t have to worry about document loss, because we already do that for you. For every document you create, there’s a backup of it, and it updates as the original copy gets any change.

Are you ready to improve document management, automate processes and grow your business?

Schedule a demo with us and let us discuss how MaxFiles and our document management solutions can help you use your time and resources to focus on achieving organisational goals.