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We believe having the right people is important to building a sustainable business, this is why we attract and recruit the best talents and create the right environment for them to grow.

At MaxFiles we provide the right environment for career growth


Working at MaxFiles means that, no matter where you are located, you function in the same virtual environment as other employees. Everything necessary for you to deliver on your responsibilities, and necessary for our organisation to organise processes, implement projects, and manage customers is provided the services offered to customers and employees.

Technology Driven

MaxFiles is a technology-first company. We’re helping organisations embrace digitisation with document management and other areas of business operations. That typically becomes our practice. Our employees leverage technology solutions to get everyday jobs dones, collaborate within the organisation, engage with customers, and a lot more.


We’re all about getting it done, wherever you are. MaxFiles is a widely distributed team, with a structured designed for efficiency in the future of work. Our work hours are flexible, and we encourage our employees to prioritise delivery over the need to work from the office.

Our Core Values

Our values are what we believe in. They make us what we are today.


We trust our people to achieve great things. We are competent, skilled and we demand the best of ourselves.


The bar isn’t constant. We research problems and find unique ways to proffer solutions.


We are upright in our dealings, speak honestly and openly without any fear and stand against practices that is not consistent with our culture.

Customer Service

We are helpful, and we believe in treating people the way we expect to be treated.

Value for money

We provide monetary worth for our services when you associated with us.

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Please email your CV to [email protected] and we will reach out to you when we have relevant job openings.

Open Positions

Senior Manager, Facilities Operations

Technology Officer

Project Manager